About DDF - Dahamdeepa Foundation

Dahamdeepa Foundation (DDF) is a registered charitable organization which was established in Hakmana, Sri Lanka, in 2005. It was founded by Bhante Kotawaye Suseela with a few friends to support the poor people around this area. Since starting, our main objective has been to overcome the poverty within our society. We’ve completed several charity programs, such as building houses for people in need, offering some scholarships for students, making a hygienic waste system and a water pipe system for a Sunday school. We also organized seminars for teachers and students.

“Serving the community is also an offering to the Lord Buddha.” As a person who was born to a very poor family, poverty is not a new thing in my life. But that poverty is not a hindrance if a person wants to win in life. If we have determination, courage and effort our previous good Karma can bear results in this very life. With these intentions, I wanted to give a hand to our people to raise them out of poverty. As a monk, people entrust me to conduct these charity services in good faith. We thank our friends who have supported us on past projects, and now we humbly invite you to join us in our ongoing efforts.


Establishing the dignity and well being of communities.


To improve the lives of those living in poverty that is barrier free from religious beliefs, ethnicity or color. The guiding principles of service will be in accordance with the teaching of the Buddha on ethical conduct.